Financial Literacy

1 on 1 Financial Coaching – This is an individual coaching session with no class. Includes credit counseling, budgeting, and a goal achievement plan

Price – $125/individual includes 2 credit pulls.


Financial Literacy Initiative – This is a 4-part program designed to improve your overall financial
wellness. Each class we will discuss a different topic.
Class 1 – Improving your financial mindset
Class 2 – Budgeting and saving
Class 3 – Credit
Class 4 – Day trading
Classes are on Tuesday nights from 6-8 pm beginning January 2022
Price – $200/individual includes 2 credit pulls, 1 on 1 financial coaching, and all 4 classes (a discount may be available based upon income)



Our WEALTH 360 program is designed to help you build long term wealth by helping you build your credit, create additional income, become a homeowner, and learn how to protect and grow your assets.

We understand each client’s situation is different which is why we complete a comprehensive 1 on 1 intake with each client allowing our counselors to obtain a 360 understanding of your finances and determine the best track for you. This process helps our clients achieve their goals and maximize their time by making sure they get exactly what they need. We offer monthly classes and a flexible schedule.

TRACK 1- Financial Literacy, Income creation, Home Buyers Education, Financial Planning

TRACK 2- Income creation, Home Buyers Education, Financial Planning

TRACK 3- Home Buyers Education, Financial Planning

Contact us to learn more about schedules and pricing.